Twisting Tower coming to Manhattan West

Manhattan West continues to grow. A twisting tower is coming to 3 Hudson Boulevard. The 1.7 million square foot tower will be located between 34th street & 35th street (near Hudson Yards). Dan Kaplan of FXFOWLE designed the building which will rotate 22 degrees from the base, up. The aesthetically pleasing tower will also be LEED platinum, due to the efficiency of the building.  The tower will stand roughly 1,000 feet high and will add to the stunning New York City skyline.
Residential dwellings will most likely be towards the top of the building where as the bottom will be used for retail and trading. At the top of the building, there will be several terraces and a rooftop deck. The roof top deck will include shielding from the wind. The exterior of the building will catch the sunlight, and also views of the Hudson River. With an ideal location and an eye catching design, this twisting tower will most definitely be an asset to the ever-evolving West Side.

$4.5 Billion Manhattan West Development

Penn Station, Madison Square Garden and Times Squares are all staples of Midtown. The new Midtown West Development that is underway will add another attraction to this location. The unique aspect of this new development is that it will be built over the active rail yard.
The Manhattan West development was started this week by Brookfield Properties. The 4.5 billion dollar project will stretch along Ninth Avenue and Dyer Avenue, from West 31st to West 33rd streets.  A platform will be built which two of the office towers will sit on. In order to build the platform over the rail yard, a series of 16 bridges must be made first.  The platform alone will cost 680 million dollars. The third tower, which will be utilized for retail and residential housing, will be built on land. A 1.5 acre public space will also be included where pedestrians may congregate. The entire project is set to be available for tenants by 2016.