Trends in NYC moves surprising

It's surprising to know that even though the economy is down, people are still moving up.
The Real Deal has a truly interesting article based on statistics gathered by The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC regarding why New Yorkers' are moving and where to. Regardless of whether you're moving because of a better job offer, downsizing or even upgrading, The Advance Group's got your covered. Check out the article

Top Ten Reasons To Hire the Advance Group



Visible Advantages are features and benefits that you can see at work for you. They enable you to confidently make the most informed and best move decisions that will result in your lowest final project cost.


Wehave the largest and most experienced executive and project management staff in the tri-state area, with over 500 years of collective experience. Each employee has passed a background check and is required to maintain high standards, including being fully uniformed. Our office and management team is over 80 strong.


Your sales executive will assemble a team of professionals from client services and operations that is best qualified to manage your move.


Our commitment to your successful project is 24/7. You will be able to contact your entire project team, from client services to operations, at any time via phone and email.


We have four service locations: Queens, New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. Three of these locations have large, secure, and centrally monitored facilities, offering you extensive flexibility and convenience. We maintain a total of 325,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.


We have the largest, most modern trucking fleet that includes 44 trailers, 36 straight trucks (26 feet in length), and 30 tractors.


The Advance Group is committed to using the latest proven technology to reduce costs, raise performance standards, and to provide secure online access to inventory. We utilize BarScan® software for asset management, and O'Neil Software and MoveMagic software for proactive move management.


The Advance Group is profitable, growing, and financially strong, with over $24 million in revenue.


Our 120 direct employee movers are union members. We also employ over 30 union carpenters and approximately 40 warehouse personnel.


The Advance Group takes seriously the obligation to maintain and support environmentally responsible policies and practices. We support LEED certified projects.


The Advance Group is a member BOMA, IFMA, and AMSA and over twenty other professional associations and trade groups. The Advance Group (through its Advance Commercial Movers and Molloy Bros. business units) is affiliated with Mayflower Transit in New York and New Jersey.

The Advance Group Recognizes National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

At The Advance Group, we really appreciate our truckers. They are the ones who brave the weather, traffic, and long distances to deliver precious cargo. Truckers are responsible for bringing your most valuable possessions from place to place; your documents, artifacts, art, heirlooms and technology. In addition, most drivers double as lifters and movers- so not only are they transporting your most valued items, they are also handling them too. 

Here is a great list of ways you can show your driver/mover team your appreciation, given by
 the American Moving and Storage Association, the national trade association for the professional moving industry. Our favorite tip is the last one, which is a reminder to tell your moving company when you are pleased with your moving team. We would like to add to that: If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience with The Advance Group, we want to know. It's of utmost value to get feedback from our customers as we only want to provide the best in quality, professionalism and efficiency.
Thanks to all our wonderful, dedicated truck drivers! 

Making the Best of Moving Day

We came across this great article regarding staying sane on moving day. We feel that with an amazing moving company, the stresses of relocating can be greatly lessened, but it's always good to prepare oneself and remain calm through the changes. As a wise man once said "The only constant thing in life is change." At The Advance Group, we feel honored to be a part of our clients major life changes, such as moving homes or offices. We always try to make sure these situations are handled in the most professional, efficient manner-- because who needs extra stress on moving day? We understand that sentiment completely, and are always here to help.

Don't get bitten! Bed bugs take over NY

When it comes to moving, there are some things that should be left behind. According to Real EstateBisNow, there's been a dramatic increase in bed bugs in commercial arenas of NYC. In order to have a successful, bed-bug free move, make sure that the space you are leaving has never been infested and that the new space you are relocating into is clear and clean. Real Estate BizNews has some great tips on how to take diplomatically take care of bedbugs once they have found a way into your home and office, as it can be a sensitive subject for staff who have caught such a stigmatized problem. Also note that The Advance Group goes through extreme cautionary efforts to ensure that the materials we use for moving your items are always new and sanitized, every time. View the full article here.

Talks of Top Investment Sales Firm Relocation

New York's top investment sales firm by sales volume, Massey Knakal Realty Services, has been reported  by a company official to be in negotiations to relocate its Downtown Brooklyn office to a space nearly half the size. The company is currently occupying an 18,750- square-foot third floor office in 205 Montague Street, a Class A building. 
Anytime a large company moves to a significantly smaller space, it's incredibly important to do so with strategic planning and superb organizational tactics. It's common, (in fact, almost a given) that when this kind of move takes place, companies are forced to do some kind of document management system and/or storage for office furniture and other items, if they have not done so already. 
Having a project manager is incredibly important to keep things under control and organized while moving employees, ensuring no loss of productivity or focus. Remember, The Advance Group are professionals who understand the sensitive nature of high profile, big business moves-- and the inherent complications therein. If you are about to embark on a move that requires major down-scaling,make sure you are hiring a professional when undertaking such a big step! Read the full article here.