Tishman Construction Goes Global

Los Angeles based Aecom Technology Corporation, primarily an engineering and design firm, bought Tishman last year in $245 million deal. John Livingston has now been named as the leader of the new division, Aecom Construction Services, whose clients will include large commercial and instituional clients. Integrated delivery is a godsend for many clients,” said Mr. Livingston. The merge allowed Tishman to "be global in one day.”
Tishman built the original World Trade Center and are now working on the new WTC. 
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The Advance Group's Commitment to Green

Our philosophy at Advance Group has always been different than our competitors: we believe that profitability, environmental responsibility and social contribution go hand in hand. Our success can be measured not only in money made but in the good we create for our community. We are the first in the industry to amass a network of strategic partners who share our vision of sustainability and have joined the force for good.   The Advance Group takes seriously the obligation to maintain and support environmentally responsible policies and practices, and is responsive to our clients who are engaged in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects. Each of our business units employs specific green strategies, including truckload consolidations to conserve fuel, executing our moves with environmentally friendly equipment whenever possible, and recycling according to NYS DEC and EPA guidelines. Our technology recycling process adheres to governmental guidelines, and we observe a zero-landfill policy. We shred and recycle 100% of your retired assets.

The Wall Street Journal Reports seizing of Willets Point

In the first 20 acre phase of a 62 acres real estate development project, the Bloomberg administration plans to seize land in Willets Point from private property owners. The site is filled with small manufacturers, auto repair shops and junkyards and borders Citifield.
The site is slated to contain a hotel, retail stores and 5,000 apartments.
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Real Estate Weekly Reports building bought

Real Estate Weekly reports that Starwood Capital Group has bought a troubled Class B office building for $72M, located at 1415 Sixth Ave. The reported plans include turning the building into a hotel. The building has 138,000 square feet of empty office space with retail space near 58th street. It was also supposed to be converted into a hotel by the previous owner, Murray Hill Properties.
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