Talks of Top Investment Sales Firm Relocation

New York's top investment sales firm by sales volume, Massey Knakal Realty Services, has been reported  by a company official to be in negotiations to relocate its Downtown Brooklyn office to a space nearly half the size. The company is currently occupying an 18,750- square-foot third floor office in 205 Montague Street, a Class A building. 
Anytime a large company moves to a significantly smaller space, it's incredibly important to do so with strategic planning and superb organizational tactics. It's common, (in fact, almost a given) that when this kind of move takes place, companies are forced to do some kind of document management system and/or storage for office furniture and other items, if they have not done so already. 
Having a project manager is incredibly important to keep things under control and organized while moving employees, ensuring no loss of productivity or focus. Remember, The Advance Group are professionals who understand the sensitive nature of high profile, big business moves-- and the inherent complications therein. If you are about to embark on a move that requires major down-scaling,make sure you are hiring a professional when undertaking such a big step! Read the full article here.

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