The Advance Group's Move Management Process

Move Management Process

The Advance Group move management system consists of five steps.

Project Survey

The project survey begins with a fact-finding interview with the client, includes a precise inventory of all contents, and generates a realistic project estimate.

Project Management

Project management is a highly faceted process that includes migration and purge plans, a presentation to your staff, and concerted efforts to ensure trade harmony for the duration of the project.

Move Preparation

There are three primary components to move preparation:
  1. Close coordination with your move team.
  2. Tagging, Marking, and Layout from your approved floor plans.
  3. Protection of Property, including all labor, supervision, material, and equipment.

Move Services

Under close supervision, The Advance Group will provide all services necessary to accomplish the move on time and on budget.

Post-Move Services

The Advance Group will provide post-move services to ensure total client satisfaction. We will remove all used packing materials and building protection from the job site, work with the client to confirm the proper placement and inventory of all contents, furniture, and technology, and test the connectivity of all office technology.
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