E.W. Howell's Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center named Green Project of the Year

E.W. Howell, a Long Island General Contractor, has achieved the esteemed “Green Project of the Year” from NY Construction magazine’s Best for 2010, for their Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) at Stony Brook University. The judges were an independent jury of industry experts who had the pick of 180 nominated projects. 31 of the 180 were award winners; the entry criteria included project management and client service, safety, design and functionality.
The AERTC project included new construction of a two-story 43,000-sf lab building designed by Flad Architects. The building is devoted to research on alternative fuels and energy conservation. The state-of-the-art building will be the most energy efficient building in the state, and only one of 26 in the nation to get the top platinum rating from the USGBC.

“While many buildings nowadays are being built to receive LEED certifications, very few are built for LEED Platinum” says E.W. Howell’s project executive Bob Timperio.

A LEED platinum building is a great achievement, marked by maximum energy efficiency in 5 distinct categories: sustainable site, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, material & resources and indoor air quality. In order to achieve this, systems for rain water collection for flush toilets and landscaping requiring no irrigation was used. . During construction, at least 75% of construction waste was diverted to recycling sites and 20% of recycled building materials were used. The champion of the building, however, must be the solar panels on the façade of the building. The panels help to harvest the energy from the sun to use for the buildings daily functions and offer designers the opportunity for distinctive architectural impact, while reducing solar heat gains. All of these features are projected to have energy cost savings of 25%. For more information go here.


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